Creating an offer takes only 3 simple steps :) 

STEP 1: Select which products will be offered as upsells

These are the products that will be shown in the upsell popup. You can choose between selecting individual products or all items from a collection.

PRO TIP: Studies show that the maximum number of upsell products you should show to a customer is 3. Providing more than 3 will lead to confusion and reduced conversion rates.

STEP 2: Show the upsell offer when...

These are the rules for when to show your upsell popup to a customer.

In the example in the following screenshot. The upsell popup will appear ONLY when the cart contains a Baseball Cap and the cart total is greater than $100.

STEP 3: Upsell popup message

This is the message that will appear as the title of the upsell popup.

STEP 4: Click Save Offer

Upon saving the offer, If this is your first offer you will be brought to the test offer page to confirm that the upsell popup appears on your store correctly.

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