Upon creating your first offer you will be brought to the Test Offer page.

The goal of the page is to confirm that the upsell popup appears correctly on your store.

In the example above - the offer will show when ALL of the following rules are met:

  • the Denim Shirt is not in the cart AND
  • the total cart price is greater than $100 AND
  • the Baseball Cap is in the customers cart

PRO TIP: Please note the use of Ensure ALL. This means that all of the rules must be met in order for the popup to appear in the customers cart. This can be set to ANY from the offer edit page if you so desire.

In the example above -we navigate to the product that must be present in the cart and add 6 items to satisfy the other rule of the cart total being over $100. The upsell popup then shows! Yay!! 🎉

Accessing the Testing page for an offer.

To access the test page please click the "Test Offer" button from the "Edit Offer" page.

I can't see my offer

Please see the following article

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